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Star Hypegang
Welcome to the hype gang

Group Founder: leoncaster
Description: Maiko tenji
Group Type: Public join
Members: 18
Category: Music > New Age

Topics (4)

go Hollow festival of life (3) pagan
Ok tommorow we honor those with otherwise acseptional achevments if you think you fit the bill it doesent have to be big just worth mention

go Just for my buds (2) leoncaster
Let no one drag u down cuz there haters ur better than they are and u know it and they know it thats way they hate but ur special an u out shine them

go Swag boost (1) leoncaster
Style n atitude makes somone forget who they at times so be careful

go Carisma (0) leoncaster
Somtimes being ur self is a thats needed to make an impression or inpack

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Polls (3)

go Whats ur movie ?
go whats favrite food
go Whos a better player